Pilgrim Interiors, Inc. is dedicated to making safety a priority. Safety is an integral part in the way we conduct our contractor business.

Our Safety Program goes above and beyond industry standards and is anchored in the company’s dedication, motivation and commitment to create a safe work environment. Our safety director develops a site specific program for each project, large or small. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.

We have been in partnership with Applied Underwriters as our workers compensation provider since 2009. They furnish us with information that helps us conduct safety meetings with our employees to stay current and focused on safety standards. Through careful planning and execution, we were able to obtain a 0.89 MOD rating.

We actively train and educate our employees to adhere to the safety program by consistently maintaining job site safety. Our employees are OSHA 10 certified and have been trained and certified by the American Heart Association in CPR and First Aid. Our lead staff is also certified in the more stringent EM 385-1-1 for Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Defense (DoD) Projects.

We continue to make safety a priority and normal way of doing business with ongoing training, monitoring and motivation at all Pilgrim Interior's job sites.

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