Public Contracting

Public Contracting

The dynamic nature and unique challenges of public contracting has made Pilgrim Interiors among the most sought after drywall/metal framing contractors in New England's public work sector. Our large staff and decades of experience allow us to meet any challenges head on.


Library renovations combine the need for enhanced sound attenuation with high quality institutional aesthetics, to create the classic environment that we all associate with libraries. Pilgrim Interiors has been involved in a large number of renovations to libraries, both public and academic. Our skills and experience make us a popular choice among General Contractors when choosing a drywall/metal framing contractor for this type of work.

Public Schools

Deadlines are usually the most challenging component on school renovations. Because we employ such a large, diversely skilled staff, Pilgrim Interiors is able to meet the most stringent deadlines while maintaining the highest quality – factors that make us the right choice when General Contractors are looking for a reliable drywall/metal framing contractor.

Government Buildings

Government buildings play a critical role in our society, providing services and support that affects all of us. These projects are usually large and complex, with a greater level of administrative compliance necessary for project tracking and documentation. At Pilgrim Interiors, our experienced management group, coupled with our skilled field crews, together form a highly capable team, with a proven track record of success in this demanding area of construction.

Public Safety

Because of the nature of these facilities, and their heightened security concerns, renovations of Public Safety facilities require the use of unique materials and configurations. Ballistic panels, bulletproof glass, and specialized doors and hardware are just a few of the things that make knowledge and experience critical to the timely completion of these particular projects. Pilgrim Interiors has that knowledge and experience, and their familiarity with the specific challenges common to these types of projects has proven to be the key to success, over and over again.