Drywall Services

Pilgrim Interiors is first and foremost a drywall contractor, and among the largest in New England. Although we perform a host of other disciplines, it's our drywall installation and finishing that has put our name on the map.

With over 100 skilled mechanics, we’re able to tackle your largest projects while maintaining tight schedules. From large hotels with tens of thousands of sheets of drywall and a variety of textured finishes, to the tighter confines of hospitals and other sensitive spaces, Pilgrim Interiors is able to put the right people on your job. Our familiarity with the latest materials and techniques puts us at the cutting edge of the industry. We lead the way as the commercial construction sector experiences frequent advances in materials and methods.

By taking advantage of improvements in equipment and materials, Pilgrim Interiors is able to bring you level of professionalism that adds prestige to any project. Our willingness to adopt to new technologies is part of the reason why we’re so sought after in the commercial construction arena, with projects under way across New England.

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