Crisis Team

Pilgrim Interiors Crisis Team

If you're confronted by a job site emergency, Pilgrim Interior’s Crisis Team is the answer to your problem.

Whether it's a flood or fire, a contractor who's unable to complete their work, a rapidly approaching deadline that can't be met without assistance, or any other obstacle that stands between you and the successful completion of a project, Pilgrim Interiors has the resources needed to address your emergency.

Our crew can scale to address whatever issues you may be confronting both large and small.

The breadth of our construction discipline knowledge allows us to tackle a broad range of potential problems. Framing, drywall hanging and finishing, ceilings, and doors and hardware, are all areas in which our skilled craftsman excel.

As most emergencies constitute a serious threat to project schedules, Pilgrim Interiors is prepared to provide manpower 24/7/365, working whatever hours are required to help meet deadlines. If you find yourself in the sort of difficult situation that can happen to even the best of contractors, reach out to Pilgrim Interiors and let the skilled members of our Crisis Team put your project back on track.

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