Commercial/Private Contracting

Commercial / Private Contracting

We are experts when dealing with the non-traditional materials and shapes common to the private and commercial construction setting. Let our craftsman show you the skill and experience they bring to the task.


Just as banks are a place for people to store value, they are also a place that Pilgrim Interiors places value, and that is the value of our reputation. The quality and quantity of work we've done at banks speaks volumes about the kind of contractor we are. Elite General Contractors turn to us as a reliable, high value member of the construction teams they put together when building or renovating these facilities. Our work in this sector speaks for itself, demonstrating our decades of experience and commitment to quality.

Office Building & Tenant Fit‑out

Pilgrim Interiors has built hundreds of acres of tenant fit-outs and office space. Our familiarity and expertise in this area is recognized in the industry, and because of this, Pilgrim Interiors is the go to drywall/metal framing contractor for the best General Contractors in New England. From a modest office fit-out to a full scale business complex, and everything in between, Pilgrim Interiors has seen and built it all.


Whether it's building a highly sophisticated laboratory, entire wings dedicated to specific specialties or just modest sized office/administrative areas, Pilgrim Interiors has the experience and knowledge to handle any project in the healthcare industry. Our proven track record makes us a top choice among General Contractors when choosing a drywall/metal framing contractor.

Manufacturing & Industrial

The hard working men and women in the manufacturing and industrial sector deserve the comfort and safety of a well designed and built manufacturing/industrial complex. These facilities often cover hundreds of thousands of square feet. This is no problem for us becasue of the size of our highly skilled team that successful completion of these projects possible. You can have peace of mind that your facility will be completed on time and on budget.


Restaurants, automobile dealerships and department stores are among the large retail projects we've been involved in. No project is too large, small or complex for Pilgrim Interiors to tackle. Our sizable team of diversely skilled and experienced workers make us a leader when it comes to General Contractors choosing a drywall/metal framing contractor they can count on.


With the popularity of for profit schools and certificate programs at an all time high, this industry has seen explosive growth over the last decade and that growth continues today. Whether it's the renovation of an existing building or an entirely new structure built from the ground up, Pilgrim Interiors is your leading choice among General Contractors for the quality construction of the classrooms, auditoriums and faculty spaces that makes up these facilities.