About Pilgrim Interiors

Pilgrim Interiors was founded in 1999 originally as an open shop subcontractor specializing in metal framing, drywall and plaster installation/restoration. Our approach has always been to focus exclusively on client satisfaction. We have a dependable and qualified team of professionals that work together to complete projects safely, on time and on budget.

In December 2018 we proudly began a new partnership with The New England Regional Council of Carpenters. This has opened new doors and allowed us access to state of the art training facilities to aid in our commitment to training.

We are very proud of our diversified project accomplishments. In our 16 years of business we have completed hundreds of projects for the public and private sector. Our projects range from a 5,000 square foot office and/or medical fit up, to a ground up hotel development and 100,000 square foot plus industrial complex. We have a history of finishing our projects ahead of schedule and on budget.

We continue to refine our business practices to deliver excellence in the construction industry, using state of the art technology in the field and in the office to help us stay ahead of the competition. Planning, communicating and executing are our stepping stones toward building our future prospects.

Membership in The New England Regional Council of Carpenters, U.S. Green Building Council, and Chicopee Chamber of Commerce has provided us with opportunities to learn from our peers and opportunities to give back to the community.

Licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida.

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As Pilgrim Interiors continues to flourish we maintain the same core values that we were founded on:

  • Meet adversity head on
    • Problem solving
    • Deal with stress appropriately
    • Don’t give up – get it done no matter what
    • Come up with solutions, not problems
  • Do the right thing
    • Be accountable for your actions
    • Own your mistakes
    • Represent the company in a positive light
    • Be honest, be trustworthy
  • Aspire to exceed expectations
    • Don’t limit yourself; get out of your comfort zone
    • Make the people around you better
    • Produce quality above and beyond the target
  • Prepared for work
    • Ready to work on time
    • Has the right attitude
    • Have everything you need
  • Go the extra mile
    • Willing to work late and the weekend to finish the job
    • Do what it takes to give our clients guaranteed results
    • Thinking ahead
  • Professional, Reliable & Courteous
    • Treat everyone respectfully
    • Advocate for the company
    • Show up everyday and on-time
    • Follow Company policies